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What do the best organizations have in common?

They have the best people. And for the best people to succeed, you need your HR system to do more than print paychecks. You need it to do everything from HR to payroll.

In the past, this was impossible. Payroll, benefits, HR and time systems were scattered across multiple disparate systems. You needed multiple passwords, manual syncing, duplicate data entry and multiple vendors. For many organizations, that's still the reality.

Today, you can be the best with iSolved.

iSolved is a powerful, comprehensive platform that helps you conquer your payroll, time, benefits, and HR administration. It lets you integrate your payroll and HR functions into a single platform, increasing your efficiency, saving money and automating processes, changing your workflow in a single click.

The advantages of iSolved are simple:

Enable, Engage and Reward Your Workforce, and CONQUER IT ALL with iSolved.

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