Explore iSolved Time® and how it simplifies time tracking.

iSolved is trusted by over 60,000 employers and two million users to manage their workforce. Now, its powerful technology is available as a time and attendance solution that can scale to include HR and payroll.

iSolved Time helps you save time and money.


You'll replace cumbersome time tracking procedures and completely eliminate manual collection of payroll information. iSolved Time is the result of 20+ years of experience, customer feedback, and research & development in the time & attendance market.

Time Clocks

Our time clocks will help you track employee time in nearly any business environment.


The NXG series of time clocks is here. Touch Screen. USB and Ethernet. Plug and Play. Touch and go biometrics.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service Time Tracking

Time & Attendance

iSolved Time is a time and attendance system that allows you to collect and organize your employee time data simply and accurately.

  • Make time tracking easier
    Easily and efficiently track your employee time.
  • Better manage your employees
    Manage your time and attendance data and employee profiles.
  • Improve your bottom line
    Eliminate buddy punching and time theft.
  • Handles any work environment
    Track employee time from home, the worksite, multiple locations, and more.
  • Make scheduling a breeze
    Allow supervisors to quickly build shifts and schedules for their employees.

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